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The harvest is one of the most important operations in the maintenance of the lawn and will be essential to obtain a dense and regular carpet plant.

The harvest


The cutting height will largely depend on the cultivar. In general, Agrostis heights may be cut even less than 0.5 cm, while the high fescue can not be harvested 4cms below.

It is important the direct relationship between cutting height and root development. An optimal level, which varies depending on the species and climate you have, will increase the development of new roots and stems, its turgidity, smoothness of leaves, density and appearance.

Conversely, excessively low cutting heights cause decreases in the synthesis of organic substances, the resistance to disease and ultimately the vigor of the lawn.

The frequency of mowing will be determined by the rate of growth of the leaves, the environmental conditions, the cutting height, type and use of lawn and the mower used.

Generally, if the cutting height is low, the frequency is high. So in a green golf where we mowing heights of 3-5mm, the cutoff frequency to be daily acostumarà. However in a garden composed of Poa grass at a height of 35 to 50 mm, we may request a cutoff frequency of 4 to 8 days depending on their growth.

Not all strains allow harvest equally clean. For example, ray-grass possesses excellent English and rigid fibrous stems that are more difficult to cut, unless the cutxilles not very sharp. By contrast, Agrostis, or poetry, allowing a much cleaner cut.

Especially small and medium sized gardens, where the cutoff frequency exceeds three days, recommended the removal of all waste from the harvest.

If we do not, it will create a "Thach" straw surface between the earth and the neck of the stem, we shall, in the long series of difficulties. For one thing, intercepting irrigation water should be allocated to the roots (think straw that has a storage capacity of water very high). In addition, high humidity will cause the root collar, point sensitive to possible fungal emfermetats.

Regarding the most common types of mowers, find the rotary, enough for almost any type of grass, the coil, special cutting heights are very small and very clean cuts.

Tips for a good harvest:

If the grass is very high, not cut ever again, but we will in several slices.

Always keep the blade in good condition, very sharp and the mower should be at full power, to get as clean a cut as possible.

Always try to know what is the dominant species and harvest it before under their responsiveness. It is a healthier grass a little high than too low of a.

Be careful not to get used to mow the lawn when it is wet.

If you want to have a good lawn, and do not want to cut it too often, we pick up the mown grass.

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