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Lessons from Nature

Teresa, my woman, and I the costumbre We dedicate our tiempo libre to walk along the countryside. PAST weekend recorrimos foothills of the Sierra de Los Cameros in Rioja.

Spring ya he had awakened. Andábamos fear that Sendas discurrían between Manchas of Encinas and underneath of the coscojas as they florecían rockroses, thymes and aulagas. Here and Beyond thorny Albares, bellísimos, CUBIERTOS of white flowers. Contrasting colors. No soy expert but identifies up to five species of Bird singers. We rodeaba preñada of life and delicados faint aromas. Peace.

Back to the car where habíamos dejado, fear pasamos weekend houses, all with gardens. Eran gardens without grace monótonos, Peoria or better care. Note the contrast, not something encajaba. ¡Were Out of place! Bird Songs of oían not, had not yet floras. Drab green color. ¿What is the true garden? Who owes Who adapt to the man in Nature or is the man?

Men atareados wine in its care with their parcels Mochilas in treatment, that Nature intentando not invadiera trozo of its civilization. On the other side of the verjas centuries-cultural adaptation of the explicaban a lesson that debemos learn.


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