Roles and responsibilities of a president of a community< Volver
The office of President of the Owners can decide for shifts or by direct election and it is essential to own a home or local farm and is of age.

Duties of the President of the Community

Call and chair meetings of the Board of Proprietors

Gather as many times as the Board deems appropriate and at least once a year to approve budgets and account of the Community.

Act as Secretary - Administrator if people chosen to carry out these tasks.

Representing the Community judicial and extrajudicial.

Raise public agreements, if applicable.

To ensure the proper conservation and proper functioning of the common elements and services.

Ensuring compliance with the obligations of the owners and holders of the secretariat and administration.

Information extracted from the Legal Regime of the Horizontal Property published in Official Journal NO. 4640 of 24/05/2006

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