Monitoring water consumption in neighboring communities.

Monitoring water consumption neighboring communities.
One of the most efficient methods to know when and how water is spent, and thus could affect measures to encourage savings in water consumption of a group is monitoring.
Allows monitoring in real-time meter readings of water every x minutes.
We have reached an agreement with the water company, through the technology company Aguas de Barcelona Group, Aqualogy, so we installed an automatic meter reading equipment in most communities and at a very very affordable.



Through the installation of a meter metering (smart metering), you can read the meter readings of the same company every 10 'through an online platform logging in with a username and password .
This system provides three important improvements.
First. - Know the source of consumption. Depending on the time of consumption we know what were the source of consumption. This will tell us what will be the priorities while saving efforts.



2.- Leak Detection.If we look closely, we see that all water consumption are discontinuous.There is always a time when water is consumed and where time stops eating.When the system detects a continuous consumption over time that is consumed but more or less constant throughout most of the day.In this case, the system will send an email or text message alerting us to the possibility of a leak (not to be seen is filling a swimming pool or similar).
Three. - Limiting consumption. Since we know what should be in every season of the year water consumption for each concept (showers, irrigation, evaporation pools, etc.) can limit the flow this amount monthly or daily. Whenever you consume more water than we expected, we can set the system to notify you by e-mail or SMS. This on the one hand help to limit the maximum annual consumption, but also allow you to track whether they are implementing improvements are really efficient, or to the contrary are not good and seemed at a theoretical level. And this, we'll know in real time, just as we do, not after four months when the bill came, and oh! When we have seen the decline in the bank account.

We believe this system may provide a valuable tool for both the awareness of the need to optimize energy resources, for implementing corrective measures to save water.
We hope you have been helpful.
And good water saving ... and money!

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